May 292006

Today I’d like to talk about some projects
I’m currently doing.

One is a personal finance site that I want
to start up to teach people about managing their own money. I know I’m less
than qualified to do this, so I’m gonna get my Canadian Securities Course (CSC)
and what other qualifications I need, just to give some more leverage. It’s
going to be a bit different from other sites in that it’s sorta like an online
book. Once it’s done, it’ll be done. Other sites that I’ve found interesting or
helpful keep updating their content, so that the best of their work gets lost. The
personal finance sites I admire also have too many foci. That is, they’re also
stock picking sites, or they’re also lifestyle sites. This will be about
personal finance and personal finance alone. I do intend to try to make a bit
of money off of it, if I can, but I’d be happy if it just broke even and people
were being helped. Another way it’s different is because of its focus on the younger
segment of the population. You also have the most amount of disposable income
(that is, your wages minus your expenses) when you’ve just started working. I
also intend to focus on teenagers in high school. The younger they are, the
more the power of compounding can help them. Some “market research” in need to
cover is, and a book written by
The Motley Fool focussed on young people. I must also continue my market
research to understand how I can better differentiate myself from the other
people. I’m hoping to launch this in a few months.

I am also considering starting up a business
around personal finance. Maybe becoming a speaker for young people or
something. This is for much later, though.

Another project I am doing is creating a
bunch of short movies. I’m going to be writing and filming short entertaining
or interesting movies and likely release them onto the Internet. Again, it
would be great if I made some money off of them, but I primarily want to
develop my own style and learn more about the filmmaking process. Eventually, I
want to become a filmmaker who creates entertaining, interesting and
intelligent movies.

I’ve also started up a regimen of personal
development with
as my guide. If I can better myself, then I should. It can only give me a leg
up and help to differentiate myself from others. Right now I am focusing on
developing my self-discipline according to Pavlina’s definition. His definition
states that there are five central values of self-discipline, which are
acceptance, willpower, hard work, industry and persistence. The acronym is “A
WHIP”. I’m already seeing great strides in my work ethic, motivation, energy
and how much I can cross off from my list at the end of the day.

This blog is a part of a larger goal which is to get paid for a piece of writing before 2007. To do this, I need to
practice the art and craft of writing as much as I can. I set the goal of 4
blog posts of at least 500 words this month, and I am happy to say that this is the fourth one. I’ve also written one short story and I’m going to write another one
in the next three days.

There’s another major project in the works
that I just love that I can’t reveal right now. You’ll just have to wait for it

I know that this is probably not very
interesting to all of you, but this is all a part of a larger plan to become
financially independent and to do something I want to.

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