Mar 262006

Montreal was lots of fun. We had two guys, Nick and Zhang there and both were awesome FOB cards (Nick’s Indian, Zhang was Asian). Oh, man, those guys said some stupid shit.

Zhang: "I was down in the second quarter so I called my mom. She say it is only a simulation and strategies from the real world no work there." Weird thing is he started doin really well after that.

Zhang again: "My mom say there’s many hot girls in Montreal."

Zhang drinking beer was hilarious. First he sniffed it and then tilted his head back and let some fall into his mouth, not touching the bottle.

For some reason Zhang also decided to put on a bathrobe and walk all around the hotel on saturday night. It was WEIRD and funny.

"Give me the strongest beer you have."

Clearly we didn’t win the competition. But we had lots of fun, just chillin, walkin around Montreal was fun. I found out that the only French you need to know to get around Montreal is, "En anglais?"

I had lots of fun but now it’s time to get back to the grind. And by "grind" I mean "getting rich".

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