Mar 142006

I just got back from a free early screening of V For Vendetta. I went into it thinking a few things. Mostly that this was part of some plot to essentailyl viral market the movie. Get their target demographic to see the movie and then they go tell everyone about it and wham, you have very effective viral marketting. The thing I did not expect is that this would work so well.

The movie kicked ass. Let me just say that. It was awesome.

Watch it.

Edit: I loved the fight choreography and how the fight scenes were shot. The idealogy behind the story is important but the human story is told effectively without being overly overshadowed by the idealogy. That’s about all I can say. I will definitely watch it again, but not if I have to pay for it. It’s good, but very few movies are THAT good.

  2 Responses to “V For Vendetta”

  1. You realise that you perpetuate the viral marketing 😛
  2. Psh, I was going to go see it before anybody told me to. It’s by the wachowski brothers, and thats reason enough for me.

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