Mar 142006

Recently I’ve gone about testing various attributes of myself.

My voice: Decent, could use training but I could be ok.
My comedy: This was ok. Could use more work and training.
My fear: I’ve gotta go skydiving sometimes soon.
My self-discipline: This has been a resounding failure. But I guess it’s just something I need to work on.
My confidence: Once you’ve bombed in front of a room full of strangers,
your ability to take things personally drops by quite a bit. I can now
comfortably talk to strangers, crazy people, whatever.
My body: I was jokin around and sent an email to this modelling agency when I was looking for a job (not unlike the tests with my voice and my comedy). Now, I have an appointment tomorrow to be told "honestly" how much my body sucks. At least I’ll have my engaging personality to fall back on. Hah! hahahaha. I made myself sad.
My courage: Clearly unshakable.

Maybe I should just get Mike to go in my stead. Apparently he’s hot.

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