Mar 032006

I hate naysayers. These are people who are negative for no reason except for naysaying. This isn’t because they actually have any constructive critisizm or any reasonable opposition. If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing. I try to encourage people regardless even if Idon’t think it’ll work. I will offer my critisms as well but also say that they should go for it. Tips, warnings, ciritisims but also encouragement. It annoys me when I’m given only the middle two a lot. It annoys me when only the middle two are offered to others, as well, such as what happened in a thread on Sigh, I should stop being such an e-biker and get a real bike or just stop visiting trials forums anymore.

The Aristocrats is sick and I mean creepy.

Addendum: If someone gets an idea and they are tentaive about it and ask other people’s opinion, they are very easily influenced. They are very susceptible to critisism. If it seems to them that the idea would be difficult to implement (if only because other people do not agree or back the idea completely and not because of any difficulty in actual implementation), then they are likely to abandon it. And that, I think, is a sad thing.

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  1. I agree, the ‘Aristocrat Joke’ can be┬ámade┬átasteful, or it can be utterly tasteless =\

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