Feb 212006

I have an iPod. Before everyone jumps on me, I’ve had one for two years (effectively before they were cool, god I wish I’d bought Apple stock back then). I also like to mess with it every once in a while. Right now I am investigating putting a text-to-speech program on Linux on the iPod. That way, I could upload books onto it and it would play them as it goes?

That would kick ass if the voice wasn’t too terrible!

You know, it’s 2006. I guess I didn’t need to tell you that. Anyhoo, it’s 2006. Where the gorram hell is my robot? Where is my door that opens by itself? Where’s the automated house with the pleasing, yet sexy, voice?

I intend to build all those things. In fact, whif (if and when) I move out, my house is gonna have all that shit. Mics that can pick up anything that I mount in every room (or maybe a mic I carry around in a watch or somin) to pick up my orders. The whole place will be voice operated. There’ll also be a speaker in every room and I think I’ll get either a watch or a neckless with RFID tag in it (or get it embedded in my hand, but I think that’s sorta iffy right now), so taht doors open by themselves when I approach them and then close behind me, and then music can follow me from room to room as well as any tv shows I might be watching. I’d hook up projectors and/or tvs in every room. The tvs/projector is also a computer monitor. I will also have a room with a massive three or four monitor setup + the tv or projector.

If I’m watching something on tv or whatever, it will automatically pause and show me the caller id if someone’s calling me. Then I can accept the call and have it come out on the speakers and in the mic. If it was someone downstairs, it’d automatically transfer to the outdoor/lobby camera to show me who’s there. Then I could say shit like "<mainframe name> let them in." That’d be awesome.

Can’t you just picture it? Picture me never having a girlfriend because I’m such a massive nerd?


Edit: my original post was vague, so I rewrote it to not suck. I hope it’s better cause I’m tired.

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