Feb 142006

I’ve been asked my opinion on the issue of the editorial cartoons that depict the Prophet. I’ve mostly ignored this issue (because ignoring things occasionally makes sense) but now I’m angered. All i can say is, what the hell is wrong with you people?

First, Danish press, you don’t blaspheme against a major religion that is very, very, very intolerant of any sort of insult. If you had just made them all generic arab guys, you woulda gotten away with it, but blaspheming? The editor said that the cartoons were to provoke debate on the issue of depicting the Prophet. That’s a blatant lie. A nervous cartoonist drawing the Prophet, that will spark debate (not really, but it’ll be closer to it), but portraying the Prophet the creator of a violent Ummah is not to start debate. Most Muslims are engaged in…doing nothing. It is the few rioters and angst-ridden teenagers that are going crazy. Give them a job, give them an education. Why can’t they just go goth, listen to dark music and cut their wrists like normal teenagers?

I guess now you know why people self-censor. Clearly you have underestimated the pride lodged in Muslim hearts.

Second, Muslim world, stop being so damned touchy. Boohoo, the infidels blasphemed against your god. They blaspheme against their god all the time, the only reason this hasn’t been done earlier is because they’re all scared of you. Turns out, there’s nothing to be scared of, because you’ll just go shut down your own economy, shut down your own schools, shoot yourselves in the foot and burn down parts of YOUR country. In Pakistan, rioters have set fire to PIA and the Punjab Assembly as well as cars. Congratulations, you’re REALLY sending a message to the world by setting fire to your OWN shit. You’re reacting like little kids. Friggin teenagers. I’m way more angry at the reaction of the Muslim world than at the Danish.

Clearly, there is no simple way out of this. There is no telling what will satiate the rioters, if anything. Maybe they were just looking for a reason to riot.

The fundamental problem is of education. The Muslim world oddly coincides with the 3rd world where proper education is a luxury. Oh well, eventually this will all die down.

Or there will be a massive war. I am reminded of an intrepretation of Nostradamus I read a coupla years ago. i’ve never really believed in it, but I thought it would be interesting. But I believe that Nostradamus predicted a massive war between the muslims and the non-muslims. I’ll have to look it up again because I don’t remember so good. Muslim prophecy also has that in there. World gets corrupt, Jesus returns , massive war, everyone is muslim, gets corrupt again and hten judgement day.

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