Feb 142006

I’ve decided to base my investment talk around this equation:

Income – Expenses = wealth (or debt)

The factors (or the ingredients) of income are the following:
– Time
– Money
– Risk

You can get money by putting in various amounts of any of those. You can can earn money solely by using your time by getting a job. You can get more money by investing. You can get more money by taking risks.

So I figure for the first part of the chat, I talk about investment goals and horizons. The next part is about the equation at the top there. Then I talk about saving money (minimizing your expenses). Then I talk about those three factors and how you can best utilize them, in that order. Then I talk about PRACTICAL ways to do all of those, in PRACTICAL terms, just to sum everything up. Talk about ways they can start today. Etc.

All the while, I am dressed as a clown and slightly drugged, so that should make for some interesting talks.

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