Feb 082006

"I think we should start referring to the New Testament as the "Theory of Jesus"." – some poster at /.

While it’s a cute quote, (the obligatory "IMO" goes here) it upgrades the Bible to a level that it can’t quite be at. While some things in the Bible can be confirmed, a large part of it seems inconfirmable. Where is the Ark? Where is the Garden of Eden? Where is the evidence that people lived for hundreds of years? Where is the Tower of Babel? I guess that’s why it (and the other major religions) are religions, and they rely on belief. To believe (I’ve always thought) takes strength. Whether to believe in science or in religion, it takes guts to stand tall and say, this is what I believe.

If you disagree, good on you.

If the Vatican can say that Intelligent Design is hocus pocus and the Theory of Evolution can coexist with Genesis (a view also shared by a number of scientists), then I think ID supporters lose a lot of their credence.

Right, then, that’s my rant on this subject. I think people who know me understand  how strongly I feel about this because it seems so intellectually bankrupt to me. As if we’ve got toilets and private plumbing but someone wants to use the outhouse. Teaching other sides are fine, but sneaking in religion under the guise of science is misleading.

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