Feb 062006

Tonight at 8:30, I will be opening up the competition for 25,000 dollars. From waht I can tell I will be the first contestant in this thing. I may or may not literally shit my pants. I tried to take a nap to feel better but I couldn’t stop thinking about the contest.

I don’t know how funny I am. I don’t know how funny the other contestants are. That uncertainty, that not knowing my chances is getting to me. If I know that I’m funnier than most of the people there, great, if I know that I’m not nearly as funny as most of hte people there, also good. At least I’ll know. I do know that I am going up against both amateurs and pros. So, if there’s a pro there tonight, my R will be handed to me. At least, I think it will. There will be 8 finalists. If I make it into the finals, I will have seven days until the finals on sunday. During that time I will be living in a hotel (:-D) and be given 50 dollars a day. That would be awesome.

I should concentrate on the good parts, I guess. The experience, and blah blah blah. But I want to win this thing. Arrrgghh, I’m just gonna spend some time getting ready then. Rearrange my jokes, etc.

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  1. You’ll do fine.  Just imagine the audience sitting there stark naked.
    If you want a funny bear story for your act send me your email.  I’ll give you a true one from little Laurinburg.

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