Feb 032006

The title rhymes. I will soon procure an Indian movie to view. I recall being 8 or 9 and finding the story too implausible and simple, but I wonder if times have changed. These movies speak to the lowest common denominator, unfortunately, these are pretty much the kinds of movies that are out there.

I think that we need to have a number of genres established. As much as I hate generic movies, I think that the diversification inherent in such movies is beneficial to the industry on the whole. While I hate most of the comedies coming out here, there are virtually no comedies coming out of Pakistan or India. Same thing with horror, blah blah blah.

My film prof said soemthing interesting earlier this week. He said that movies that became genres held a ritualistic essense to them as well as an idealogical conflict hidden in them. Movies like that became modern myths. This is especially true in Westerns. We need to find an ideological conflict in the Pakistani culture that resonates with people and make a movie to them. I’m thinking young vs old, tradition vs the new world, the east vs west. Because I would be itnerested in seeing movies like that, I’m wondering whether others would as well. I would like to make movies along those lines, so there.

In other news, my Laugh Off contest date is monday. I need to practice but I don’t think I have a real shot at this. I think I may continue to go on stage for amateur night every once in a while, though. But to try different material. I don’t think I’d like to go up there, try all of my old jokes. I don’t think I see myself as being a stand-up comic. It’s too…I dunno, I like it. I like making people laugh, but it’s not something that I view as a career choice, I’d rather be behind the camera.

I think the RIAA is killing the golden egg-laying goose. They should try to get more independant artists, give them fair cuts. But hey, my thoughts on the matter don’t do jack unless they precede actions. And since I’m not an artist and barely a music consumer (Western, anyway) I don’t think I give a damn.

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