Jan 222006

As videogames become more realistic and movies try to create a fuller experience. Movies moving towards 3D and playing videogames more like the experiences they try to portray will inevitibly lead to a mixing of the two to create entirely immersive movies which would follow a strict plot line, but let you interact in such a way that you are given the illusion of choosing your own path. The classical system filmmakers of tomorrow will be ranked on how well they can make an audience think they are in control and yet not be.

The future is intriguing.

  3 Responses to “The future of movies and videogames”

  1. You forgot to put a 'maybe' in there.

  2. I figured things like this are always, always, always uncertain, it was unncessary.

  3. I read a recent Wired article about how some director was making a movie that contained several effects and allowed the vier to shape it the way they wanted. I forget the site, but it was in last month's Wired…

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