Jan 132006

The movie: I liked it, it was entertaining. I also love science fiction and this is interesting, it is based on Asimov’s work, and I love the Jewish man. It’s very much like a western, the old school sheriff (black, too, waht’s up with that?) with a sharp tongue having to deal with the newschool kind of badguy.
By the way, the three rules (and the fourth, Zeroth rule that states that robots must help all of humanity, above all) are hardwired into the positronic pathways of the robots. They can not be broken or shifted, so that robot that started tearing down the house with him in it couldn’t have done it. Of course, no one saw the movie to be completely based on Asimov’s work, just inspired by it. The robot kicked ass though, that was an awesome demolishion robot. I liked how the robot wasn’t shown but rather the destruction for the most part.

Rich man: The richest man in that world is the president of US Robotics, much like the richest man is Bill Gates, the man over at Microsoft. To establish a monopoly in an emerging and quickly changing industry is tough as hell and it requires you to be tough as bullets to succeed. If another amazing omnipotent technology comes out, whoever is at the helm (if they’re tough enough) will become the richest human. Congratz to them, I’m more interested in the technology. It will likely be some sort of new fangled toilet.

The man: Isaac Asimov is the man. His prolific writing career inspired generations of readers as well as a number of movies. He was the first man to use the word "robotics". His stories were great. Read them.

The ads: The main thing abuot this movie that first struck viewers is the amount of advertisement in the movie. There is so much product placement, it sickens me. Fedex, JVC, Audi. There’s three reasons I can come up for that:
1. The writers wanted to create the impression of a future society filled with brands and advertising.
2. The makers wanted to make deals with these companies to cover the cost of production and reduce the risk of a possible loss on this sorta niche market movie.
3. They’re jerkoffs who love money.

The idea: I’ve thought that if you were to suddenly give humanity awesome robots or awesome technology that took all control from us, we’d freak out and destroy it. Too bad things like that most probably have already been written down or made movies or wahtever. But I may feel like writing a story about it at some point. I wanna write some sort of short story and send it in, then I can be a published writer!

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  1. You realise without a doubt that the answer is solution #3. The movie starred Will Smith…you think the studio wouldn't give it adequate funding?

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