Dec 132005

Here I am, to put forward and idear I’ve been swashin about in the back
of me brain for some time now. It concerns decentralization. As those
folk who have talked to me about the intersurfs know, I’m a big
supporter of bittorrent and it’s ability to distribute content. With
the cost of Internet connections as they are, you could conceivably
download movie or game images from a central distribution repository
(possibly through a VPN or some kind), burn it yourself and put it up
in your shop. This would require a number of things, standardized
formats (none of this DVD-R and DVD+R crap) the ability to play such
burned DVDs (although DVD stampers and industrial strength dvd copiers
are coming down in price to a coupla hundred). Of course, as a video
store or owner, you could peruse the websites to find dvds, burn them
and sell them or rent them out (after suitable payment to the owner, of
course). So, smaller productions and smaller budget productions can
gain a larger viewship through this type of decentralization.

lot of movies have already gone this way (the recent Star Wreck comes
to mind, as well as the Star Wars fan movies) and realized that they
gained a very large viewership this way. Other than that, technology is
coming down to such reasonable prices that the making high-quality
movies isn’t a matter of money anymore (Primer and El Mariachi come to
mind) but a matter of creativity. As more and more people are able to
pick up a camera (say, the Panasonic DVX100AP for a bit over a
thousand), more and more people can go on and make indie films. Lower
budget movies is, I think, a trend that will catch on, as hollywood and
big movie houses have to compete with tinier, leaner film productions.
Of course, hollywood will always have the larger budget, but perhaps
they will tend to reign in their runaway budgets in the hopes of making
more money by cutting costs. Less money to break even with, that way.
Movies such as My Greek Wedding (or whatever) are indie films with
budgets of about five million but they went on to such success that the
makers (or executives, whoever) prolly got a very nice return on

As Hollywood has to compete with creativity and
even the indie film industry has to compete with creativity (and combat
piracy and all the issues of film making), I think we’ll start seeing
better movies. At least, I hope so.

However, with some
imagination, one can very well visualize a future where movie culture
isn’t centralized into regional every-town settings with stock
charachters but will start to focus more in regions. Toronto is a good
example. A recent sitcom by the name of Hart of the Annex (on Rogers
television, yea, it’s the channel you didn’t know you had, channel 10)
showcases many things around Toronto, making it very much a Toronto

Decentralization of production sounds damned good to me.
And being able to pick out the issues of a specific region can
certainly create a more loyal viewership, instead of indeterminate

I’m also thinking abuot my major of cinema studies. I may change it to something else or nothing.

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