Nov 302005

Music is very interesting. It evokes emotions, defines moods, or it can
simply express a mood or emotion. In many ways, music is as complex as
humanity itself and I like to learn about it. My own attemps at
learning the guitar are going decently well, however, I can’t tell how
well I truly am doing without a teacher, which I suppose I should
aquire at some point in time. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep chuggin away,
teaching myself how to play the guitar and not suck at it.

Other interests du jour are film-making. Right now I’m still
considering what to do. The two projects on the table are the Trials
DVD and this TTC show I’ve been shwishing about in my head like
mouthwash in my…uhhh…mouth.
Trials DVD: It is a total beginner’s guide to the basics of trials. But
I’m finding that I can’t actually make it the total beginner’s guide
and it’ll just have to settle for a great beginner’s guide.
TTC thingy: It’s just a show about the pecularities of the public
transit system. Like today, I was standing in front of the doors and
reading the newspaper, and this woman just walks up stands in front of
me when the train was about half-full. She’s crimping my newspaper
space and looking all smug. In my representation on video, my response
shall be, I hope, humourous. So, things like that.

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