Nov 282005

I guess it’s that time of the year again, when everyone dispairs and
wishes for something different. In university, this time also coincides
with crunch time and christmas time. I’m sure students commit suicide
around this time of the year, but most simply wish they could take a
year off, or do something they really, really like. So here’s some

If you had a nice cushy salary (say, a million buckos a year) and you
did nothing for it  what would you do with all the time you had?

For myself, I don’t know. I’d save up a lot of the money, invest it, donate it
to some worthy cause, whichever one–they’re all equally worthy (I’d
like to give money to the three-legged goats, serious problem). The
rest of the time, I don’t know. I’d like to travel. I’d like to try to
get jobs for kicks, just to see if I could get them and to see if I
could find something I truly love. I mean any and all jobs,
construction, auctioneer, etc. Jobs where I could pick up a specific
skill, not a set of soft skills. And I’m certain that after some time
in construction, I’ll have picked up some hard skills and that my
biceps will be equally as hard. Read. There’s over a hundred books in
my house waiting to be read by me. I guess I’d try walking into random
establishments and making smalltalk or something. I’d also like to drop
into classes that I find interesting, not for credit. I’m not really
sure, for the most part. It’s sad that I can’t fill a year. I guess I’d
just like to know what I want and what I want to do and when and how.
Questions about the future that no one has an answer for. It’s like
investing, you’re investing for the future but you’re investing in the
present. You can’t tell what’s gonna happen even tomorrow but you still
go ahead and try to take your best swing at it (and if your best swing
includes reading tea leaves, get out of the market).

So ladies and gents, what would you do?

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